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This game is perfectly put together. It combines old fashioned turn based combat with new "On the go" technology that you can play anywhere! The story is flawless and I found myself falling in love with Cynthia. The character depth is amazing and I really felt their emotions. I would pay anything for a sequel!

Kemco steals for the win

Hi! So I bought this as a three game pack for $10. Biggest purchase I've made on the App Store. Played this one first because it was given the lowest reviews. If that is the case then the other two must be out of this world. This game has a decent and peculiar plot with some nice touches that had me laughing out loud. The weapon skill learning and the orb system are great making it useful very early on to get some really insane options. Remember the Ribbon accessory from like every Final Fantasy? That you got like in the beginning of the final dungeon? Yeah you can create that hour 1 with some easily accessible gold. Doesn't mean you'll breeze through though! So far so amazing! Lots of little bits to look for. Get this!!

Great job!

I've played almost all of Kemco's RPGs and this one is in the top three for sure. Highly recommend.

Terrible Game

Worst Kemco RPG on the app store. Not even a close contest. Horrible controls. Boring battles. Awful world map that has zero room for exploration. Characters are way too chatty considering how poor the story is and unlikeable the characters are. Waste of money. Avoid this game.

Doing better kemco

One of the better kemco titles you can buy. The difficulty is just right. Most kemco titles are so easy you can auto battle every fight even against bosses but they did it right in kreisia. I still think the dialogue needs work but it is clear and easy to understand which is good. Though I never feel immersed in the story of any of their games. In this title I commend you kemco for actually making attack animations for the skills. That makes the game more enjoyable for me. I think you are on the right track and I hope you keep the rpgs coming! Thanks kemco!

Square-Enix, watch out! Kemco is a force to be reckoned with!

I usually don’t buy games for mobile devices, but after getting Chrome Wolf, I couldn’t pass up getting this one at such an unbeatable price. All in all, though, I have to hand it to Kemco for this rare gem. I remember playing Lagoon on the Super Nintendo many, many years ago and I liked that game a lot, but these new games they are putting out are simply amazing. I had not heard Kemco’s name for a long time, but it’s a nice surprise to find these games like this available from them and their company still going strong this many years later. Not only do their games have well-translated and coherent stories, the battles are incredible! I would have loved to have played a game that looked this good and played this good when I was in grade school. They have some really good characters and a solid plot going on in Journey to Kreisia and I highly recommend it to anyone. The turn-based battle system is just like the 2D Final Fantasy games with a bunch of new mechanics. Very cool.

Great game with minor annoyances

Overall fun app. Haven't beat it yet working my way through to the overlords keep now. Will say the touch controls could use better auto tracking but the on the fly controller switching in tight spots makes up for any tap to move issues. Overall sound and story wins over this minor gameplay issue. I will say a few things, the double confirm for sales is a bit stale and there is a scroll glitch in the special points shop but its nothing major as you will use shops maybe at most 8 times for weapons and armor and just max stack healing items once or twice. The game has great difficulty in the beginning up towards mid game then with a few skills and the right orbs its easy to pull off massive damage at a huge risk in damage intake. Pretty balanced overall especially since getting closer to the overlord results in boss battles that need careful planning since super skills damage is no longer as effective with double damage setups. Keep up the great publishing.

Old school rpg

Another great rpg from kemco

The best kemco title to date

I'm not sure the reason for the negative reviews, the controls take a little getting used to but on the App Store this is definitely one of the bast kemco titles. There are multiple playthroughs and I've unlocked 4 endings so far. In total you can spend 50+ hours on this game. It also has good graphics, a decent storyline and a very jrpg/anime feel to it. Definitely deserves more respect than what is shown here.


It's to touch sensitive. Plus ones u get done talking to the capital king and he sends u to a den on the way up there the monsters are to hard to beat all my characters are level 11's make the monsters a little less difficult if u want 5 stars instead of 1!


The app button for this game never showed up! I can't play it all!!!!

Great but....

Listen Kemco I really really want to love ALL your RPGs, I love how you support the single player rpg...but what kills me is the SCROLLING! Why do your games not scroll smoothly?? I even brought 5 of your RPGs to support you guys...but please do something! Everytime I walk it agonizes me...is it a memory issue? I've seen other games get this right yet do everything else wrong...waiting for that special day when everything scrolls as it should.

Decent game

A decent 2D rpg, I like how when you use equipment it gets a bonus, though the system is a little clunky and the game doesn't explain it very well. Another minor annoyance is having to confirm in item/weapon shops in the upper left corner is out of the way and I keep forgetting to actually buy stuff. Also the controls sometimes take up part of the screen but I don't see anyway around that. Overall it has a similar feel of all kemco games. The mechanisms for the game are creative and it's worth what I paid for it.

Waste of money!

Gamebreaking glitch. The final dungeon has no exit and can't use items to leave. There should be refunds for games you can't complete.

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